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Adam Walls is a Makeup Artist specializing in Special Effects Makeup, Beauty and Design. Over the past decade he’s worked in many different aspects of the film and television industry before focusing on a career in the field of Makeup. A childhood focus on art combined with a love of storytelling led Adam to Los Angeles where he began his career.

After starting work at a makeup effects lab, he found the perfect outlet for his early skills. Beginning in the front office as a production coordinator, he gained a knowledge of the business side of makeup effects working on schedules, budgets and coordinating between the artists vision and productions time / budget requirements. He spent as much free time as he could helping and learning from the various talented makeup artists working for the studio. After years of assisting and learning, he was able to combine his artistic skills with his understanding of makeup effects and made the leap to working on set as a makeup artist full time.

Since arriving on set, Adam has found great joy in helping his actors fully transform into the characters they portray and has continued to take every opportunity to learn from the makeup artists he has been fortunate enough to work with.

To see examples of makeups applied, click on the work link to see images of finished looks. A credit list can be found on the Credits page or on his IMDB profile. In order to contact Adam, click over to the contact tab to shoot him an email.